Privacy Policy

General Privacy Policy

In essence: we collect such information about our clients that we need in order to deliver a high class service. We respect your privacy and will use use it responsibly.

Retained Data

This site retains your name and contact details which you provide when you sign up for an account on our system.

We keep navigational data about website visits and pages viewed in order to assist it with ongoing website enhancement. This can include non-personally identifyable information such as the visitor's web browser type and version, IP address and time of visit.

This website uses 'cookies' in order to be able to conduct our visitors through the various functions of the website. These are necessary to connect one exchange between the web browser and the server with the next. They are essentially unique identifiers assigned to each visitor, so that the server can know that you have logged in, and not confuse your requests with those of other users. Your web browser stores these cookies on your computer.


Vendexo will not trade, rent or sell the data mentioned above to other parties. It may disclose certain information to third parties or agents which it may use to assist it with the provision of services, such as order fulfullment, payment processing, web traffic analysis, e-mail administration and customer surveys. In such an event, if personally identifyable information is disclosed, it will require that the other party have a Privacy Policy which adequately safeguards that data shared with it and which does not permit disclosure of that data which this policy excludes.

If required by law, or based on our judgement, if necessary to comply with the law, or to protect our users, our servers, the website or the public, we may disclose specific information that we hold to the relevant authorities.