Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Merchants using the Vendexo E-Commerce Platform (The "Platform", "Service", "System")

Eligible Merchants

  1. We welcome Merchants who operate only in a lawful manner, and who promote, advertise and sell only lawful goods and services.
  2. We do not welcome Merchants who promote, advertise or sell 'adult', pornographic, or offensive material which would incite hatred.
  3. Merchants may not make false claims, or claims which cannot be substantiated, about the products or services which they sell through The Service.
  4. Merchants may not make use of false product or service endorsements or testimonials.
  5. Merchants are responsible for all activity and content such as text, images, video, audio or any media, collected, uploaded, displayed or distributed via the Platform in connection with their accounts. Merchants (not Vendexo) must not, and are responsible to ensure that they do not, violate any copyright or other digital media rights associated with such content.
  6. Merchants using The Service agree not to violate these aforementioned eligibility requirements. Failure to remain "eligible" can lead to Account termination.

Signing up

  1. You may not have more than one Merchant account unless agreed to, in writing, by Vendexo.
  2. As part of signing up as a Merchant, you will be asked to provide your name and contact details. The address you provide must be your physical address, and not some forwarding office in another country or region. The name you provide must be your real name. All registration information must be complete, accurate and up-to-date. Impersonation is considered fraud.
  3. Vendexo may rely upon and treat as genuine any notice or instruction which may reasonably be believed to have come from you or to have been authorised by you.
  4. You shall promptly inform Vendexo of any known or suspected unauthorised access or use of your Account, or any loss or theft of your username or password. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your username and password.
  5. Signing up may involve more than one stage depending on whether or not you already have a login account on the Vendexo System. If you don't have a login account it will involve signing up for a login account, registering your business, and then signing up as a Merchant on the System. Each stage will require acceptance of Terms and Conditions which accumulate, and apply as a set when using The Service.
  6. Before you can use the E-Commerce Platform as a Merchant you may have to wait for your request to be reviewed by our staff. In such cases you will be informed of the review outcome by e-mail.
  7. If your request to use The Service as a Merchant is approved, you can then login and enter the control panel for the E-Commerce Platform.

Shop Licence

The System issues a shop licence per shop to the Merchant, which is time-bound and must be renewed, for a few. Should the licence be allowed to expire, the online shop will cease to operate. The Service will send an e-mail to the Merchant before the licence expires as a reminder. Shop licence fees are not refundable. Vendexo may offer an initial trial-period licence free of charge.

Shop Credits

Shop Credits are purchased by the Merchant from Vendexo and used to cover transaction charges on sales. Merchants should top up their Credit balance as required by purchasing additional Credits via the Conrol Panel. If the Credit balance should fall to zero or below, customers will not be able to make purchases from the online shop. The System will send a message to alert the Merchant when the Credit balance is detected as low. Shop Credits are not refundable. The price of Shop Credits and the transaction charges (excluding Ticket Shops) are listed on the page products. The transaction charges for shops selling tickets are negotiated separately with the Merchant.

Third Party Websites

Vendexo is not responsible, and does not offer any representation for the content of any website which is maintained by a third party and which is accessible through The Service.

Consent to Promote and Disclose Certain Information

Notwithstanding the Privacy Policy the Merchant agrees to permit Vendexo and its agents to use the business name, shop name and shop web address (URL) of the Merchant in its publications and communications to both help attract customers and raise awareness for the Merchant and to show who is using the Service. The Merchant agrees that Vendexo and its agents may disclose to any party that said Merchant and Merchant's online shop are users of The Platform.

Data Protection

By operating an online shop, the Merchant will be collecting and processing the personal data of the customers of that shop. The Merchant must uphold the rights and freedoms of the people this personal data relates to. The Merchant has legal obligations with respect to to this personal data as decreed in statutary law and data protection regulations. Merchants must familiarise themselves with these laws and regulations and operate accordingly. They must grant to the people whose personal data they keep on the E-Commerce Platform, the rights which they have under these laws and regulations, including access to their data, rectification of errors in their personal data, and erasure of their personal data (excluding classes of personal data subject to a minimum retention period by law).

Merchant must publish a privacy policy for their online shop and provide a link to this on the shopping pages of the online shop. The E-Commerce Platform provides a facility for creating such a document and associated links, however the content of that document is a matter for the Merchant. This policy must be compliant with the requirements of applicable laws and data protection regulations, must state the type and classes of personal data which the Merchant collects and processes, and the rights which people have to access, rectify and erase their personal data. The policy must also state that in order to provide the service, and for the legitimate interests of Vendexo, that their personal data will be processed by Vendexo and its agents.


  1. The Merchant is free to withdraw from The Service at any time.
  2. Vendexo may immediately deactivate and terminate the Account of any Merchant who violates these Terms and Conditions.
  3. Dormant Accounts: Vendexo may, without notice, immediately deactivate and terminate a Merchant's Account and associated online shops using The Service if it discovers that, for a period of 12 months, the Account has been inactive (no logins), and the online shops (or shop) associated with the Account have not registered a sale in that period.


Vendexo may change these Terms and Conditions from to time. The latest version always applies to all Merchants, even to Merchants who signed up while an earlier version was in force.

Vendexo may change, evolve, add to, remove or replace, in part or in whole The Service at any time. Significant and material changes will be notified to Merchants either by e-mail or by a notice on The System's website. Merchants who are unhappy with such changes are free to withdraw from The Service (see 'Termination' above).

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